Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Living Room Progress

I have to admit that showing a room only halfway finished is so hard for this perfectionist over here! BUT. I promised I'd keep you all up to date on the design process of our new place, so here I am. First of all, thank you for your input on my hardware decision! I went with the Ory Knobs and couldn't be happier!

Ok, diving into the rest of the room. I should probably start with a few inspiration pins from my interiors board to give you an idea of the direction I'm heading:

This is just a small sample of the mid-century modern inspiration taking over my Pinterest account as of late. I can't get enough. Now living in a bungalow built in the 1950's (with the hardwood floors and finishing touches of a 1950's bungalow), I decided it was the perfect excuse to let that inspiration come to life.

*When working with neutrals, it's important to include a lot of texture to maintain visual interest in the room. I kept that in mind as I began the process. 

So, here's where it stands: 

And where [I think] it's headed:

A rug is definitely needed. This one is an obvious choice because of how popular it is right now in mid-century design. But I'm not totally sold on it, nor do I want to choose something just because it's trendy.

I also LOVE this coffee table & this one too, but I'm not quite ready to pull the trigger on that price tag. I definitely want something close; the marble/metal are great contrasting textures to the heavy weave on the couch and wood floors. 

Accessories and artwork will come down the road, but this gives you an idea of my vision. I LOVE our new sofa, but it is still an IKEA sofa, so I plan on doing a few more hacks to hide some of those obvious signs [i.e. those awful square peg legs!]. 

Another challenging area is that built-in bookshelf. The shelves are glass which I'm not a huge fan of and the placement of the shelf in general is a little awkward. I'd initially thought about just covering it with a mirror, but i can't find one tall and skinny enough! So I'm back to square one with that one.

Finally, I would L-O-V-E to paint. Why oh why Utah insists on painting every wall in sight that bandaid brown is beyond me. I hope to approach our landlord in the coming weeks to broach the subject. We'll see. Any advice from those who have convinced a landlord to let them paint wound be appreciated! 


  1. Your progress looks great so far and I love the direction you're headed. I'm a huge fan of neutral rooms myself, as of late. As for convincing a landlord: usually painting the walls a neutral color isn't a problem, which I assume is what you'd be doing since your inspiration photos include white/light gray walls. Some can be pretty picky, though, so best wishes as you bring this up!

    1. Thanks Alana! That's what I'm thinking, you can't go wrong with neutral colors, but we'll see.

  2. Here's a trick I did with my landlord: I told them something needed to be painted or holes needed to be patched up. I gave him three options: A) you paint and repair the walls at your expense B) I provide the labor and you reimburse me for supplies to paint in a neutral color C) I will provide the labor and materials to paint the walls in any color of my choosing.

    1. I love this idea Jessica! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jessica's idea for painting is great! Another option for the shelving to to remove the glass shelves (if able) and replace with a stained wood one. You can easily DIY some shelves to put in that nook. Just keep the glass stored safely and you can put it back when you move.

    1. Good idea Jenn! I'll definitely keep that option in the running.

  4. The floors are gorgeous! I loooove what you're doing with the room! It's beautiful but looks so homey at the same time.
    I never realized that everyone here paints the walls that brown "neutral" color but you are SO right!


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